Australia Finally Getting An HP MediaSmart Home Server (Or Two)

For too long have we had to sit idly by, reading all about our US cousins playing with HP's line of Windows Home Server machines (and enjoying them). Well no more! Today we rise up against the powers that be and demand that we... Wait. What's that? HP have just announced that they're releasing the LX197 and EX490 Home Servers in Australia? Well then, I guess we should probably just focus on the release, rather than calling for revolution. Hmm.

In all seriousness, the EX490 looks like a must-own device for any geek, while the LX197 would fit in any home with a PC. Both come with 1TB of storage as standard, while the EX490 also incorporates a heap of extra Mac support, including the ability to completely restore your Mac's hard drive.

The LX197 runs on an Intel Atom processor, while the EX490 runs on a Celeron, which means both devices are fairly low powered. It also means that they're extremely affordable, with the LX197 retailing for $599 and the EX490 costing $899. The EX490 also has space for extra hard drives, which will apparently let you increase storage to 7TB internally or 17TB with the use of external USB HDDs as well. While I had a quick hands on with the UI last night, I'll reserve complete judgement until I've tested it a little bit more, but ultimately I think this is going to be a mandatory box (or a box like it, at least) for every home within the next couple of years.

Both hit stores on October 22.




    $600.00 or less US versus $900AUD ... They are kidding themselves. We almost have dollar parity and they think anyone will go for that price ... You could actually order it in the us and have it delivered here for $150 - $200 less ... They need to stop treating us like idiots.

      Peter McHardy's comment is correct re parity (when/if it happens. But you cannot purchase directly from the US as IT gear (most)will not be exported. You buy it locally (new)if available thru the vendor. The device's can be purchased using eBay but isnt new from manufacturer/vendor.

      HP, Amazon won't deliver to Australia.

      Who pays RRP?

      No need to panic, let the market decide; as more people decide not to "pay retail" all retailers, not just bl**dy HP, will become more competitive…
      or as Arnie puts it "Who pays RRP?"

    Agreed. They are kidding themselves. The main customers of these products know the availability and prices of products overseas. The internet has been around a while now and we a tired of being ripped off...

    Fix the grammar up on the Title. We say "Heych" not "Aych". So AN is incorrect. I hate AN.

      The certainty of ignorance is a lovely thing. Except it's not wrong.

      Beautifully structured and eloquent reply Mic ... I'll just call it how it is though ... DarkWolfhound ... You are a magical flying moron.

    You can purchase the EX495 for $691.99 u.s. from Amazon ordered through delivered for less then the price of the EX490 in Australia and have a much more powerful processor, more memory, and a 1.5TB harddrive.

    PriceUSA is an excellent source for purchasing from the U.S. with lower shipping costs than an individual would pay.

    I've been waiting forever like most people for HP to start selling these in AU. But as I assumed the price was not going to be good in comparison to U.S. prices.


    Hi, the lx 195 comes with the 1Tb drive as stated so that is a great thing, it should retail for 600AUD with discounts available according to info I have seen.

    Read the reviews of the 195 and they are very good. HP have invested the R and D in to the software package.The hardware is nothing "special" but it a nice little package, looks good from all reviews. Will see one this week.

    "Both hit stores on October 22."

    Soooooooo, where and when can we buy them?? I haven't been able to find anywhere online that's selling them in Australia.

    They were going to be launched 22 October 2009 however there was a hardware sourcing issue on the LX197 which delayed them until last week. Only staff initially could order and the lx197 started to arrive to staff now. I assume that now they have stock of both (ex495 was in stock within a week)they will release to the public.

    Just ordered my HP EX490 from Harvey Norman for $820.00 12 months interest free. FINALLY!!!!!

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