AUO Has The Technology To Make $US99 eReader We're Waiting For

AUO must have been listening to the people. You know, the ones that said they don't want to pay more than $US99 for an ebook reader. Too bad, we have to wait another few years for its technology to hit.

The electronic paper displays used in the Amazon Kindle and Sony eReaders are made by Prime View. However, Taiwanese screen manufacturer AUO is hoping to get a slice of the reader pie by using rival and cheaper technology called SiPix. This technology coupled with its footing in flat-panel manufacturing, AUO hopes to lower the production cost of the components. They plan to produce a $US150 device next year and then a $US99 one in 2011.

AUO has already started shipping six to nine inch sized readers to a number of clients and is in talks with "nearly everyone you can think of". Hmm, Apple? [Financial Times via Electronista]

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