Apple Adjusts Pricing For MacBook Pros (And Air)

MacbooksOn top of all its overnight announcements for product refreshes, Apple's also taken the opportunity to tweak its pricing for the MacBook Pro and Air lineup. And it actually works in your favour this time!

The entry level 13-inch MacBook Pro, which started at $1899 before the price shift, now sells for $1599. Similarly, the 2.4GHz 13-incher now starts at $1999; the 15 inchers sell for $2299 (was $2699), $2699 and $2999 respectively and the 17-inch is $3299. Meanwhile, the Macbook Air has been cut to a starting price of $1999 (from $2399).

Add to that the fact the newly refreshed Macbook's starting cost is just $1299, and you honestly have to think to yourself that the MacBook lineup has become pretty damned competitive price-wise.

[AppleThanks Benji!]

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