Amazon Kindle Now Shipping To Australia (And Worldwide)

KindleIf you've been hanging out for an ebook reader with the ability to actually purchase content for it, Amazon has just updated their Kindle to offer international wireless connection. That means you can buy it, have it shipped to Australia, and purchase books over 3G directly on the device. Woo-hoo!!

The device, which costs $US279, will ship on October 19, although Amazon is taking pre-orders now. There'll be a briefing later this month that I'll be attending which should give us a better insight into how the whole 3G/EDGE data connection will work, but for the time being, the Amazon website is saying that the mobile data will be free, although we won't have access to the experimental web browser and blogs. New York Times Bestsellers will also cost a couple of bucks extra, at $US11.99 (as opposed to $US9.99 for Americans).

But whatever. I don't care. I'm getting me one of these for Christmas!

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    any idea what band it will run on? (850/2100)

    do you need a 3G account or is it just their delivery/coverage method and they pick up the charge? basically i'm not on 3G.

    I think I might buy one of these,so tempting.

    They got me - have just placed my order and all excited.

    If you look at the coverage maps that amazon has, it seems that the kindle will be using the 3 network for coverage.

    Day one buy.

    Is this the DX?

      Looks like its just the 6" version for now. The DX is still only listing a US version...

    I've put together a table that lists every country in which Kindle is available along with number of books, their pricing, wireless availability etc at

    Aussie dollar is stronger than usual in relation to the US dollar.

    I tried placing a pre-order Wollongong NSW, but "Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, U.S. & International Wireless, Latest Generation) cannot be shipped to the selected address."

      Spoke too soon, I found the correct link.

        How did you manage to get your order through in the end? I've clicked the link for international buyers, but am receiving the message that Amazon can't ship to my street address (suburban Adelaide). Help please!

    Enjoy your rented books and hope that Amazon doesn't decide to take them back.

    I just got a Bebook Mini. The reason is that it supports so many formats. I've been reading electronically for years now on Windows Mobile first in Microsoft Reader and over the past couple of years in MobiPocket format.

    I hate the way that DRM is implemented in so many of the available readers, and one of the last straws for me was how Amazon recently remote deleted books that people had purchased after a dispute.

      Sorry, just realised there was already a Phil commenting....The last one about BeBook was from me....

    whooooohoo, Kindle is coming to Australia. .Are they gonna break open the marketd and force the government to change parralel import rules.
    As a booky I have to warn you. How nice the Kindle may look or how cheap they may be, until the law changes, it is not allowed to buy ebooks that have australian rights from overseas. So you cannot use the Kindle as it can only read Amazon books and we Australians cannot buy ebooks from Amazon. It recognises your IP address and blocks you when you are in the payment procces.
    So unless you just want to show of having a nice device you officially cannot use, do not buy the Kindle.
    Buy a sony, illiad or like me a perfect working all files reading BeBook.

    Good luck

    got excited also, i thought we might be able to buy ebooks from amazon, but nop that's not going to change.. so why are they selling an empty device?
    have to agree on the BeBook, still my pic at the moment.

      I'm confused by this comment. You will be able to buy Amazon's ebooks on the International Kindle. They'll cost a coupl eof dollars more than what the US has to pay, and they'll be charged in USD, but you can still buy them...

    I live in Brisbane and brought a Kindle about a month ago (sent funds to a friend in the US and they brought it for me and sent it over). I've been a fan of the Kindle since they brought the original device out and gave up waiting for it to be released here so I went about getting one the way I did. Was a little irked that a month later they are selling to Australia but over the moon that I can now buy ebooks from Amazon myself. As of yesterday my Kindle has been stocked up with books to read.

    If I have all the info correct - Amazon ebooks can be purchased for the Kindle International and you can also upload your own material via the USB or email it for conversion to your Kindle for US$.99 per megabyte. So if I subscribe online to a local newspaper, magazine, newsletter or purchase an ebook in Australia, then I should be able to "trasfer" it to the Kindle?
    Or do I buy a BeBook?

    To get the Kindle 2 shipped to Australia you need to buy the correct model

    I hope this saves someone else the time I wasted... why can't Amazon make it easier to find ?

    I purchased a Kindle 2 from Amazon last week. It seems to be easy to find on their site now. It arrived within 3 days. I love it!! It is really easy to use, everything I hoped for and more. I didn't realise just how much I would enjoy it, but it doesn't leave my side; I take it everywhere. I am an avid reader, and this has to be the best thing I've bought since my Mac. BTW I can transfer ebooks that I already had (gutenburg etc) onto my kindle. One ebook had a different format, but the rest have been fine.
    I have also purchased kindle ebooks from amazon without any hassle. They download instantly. I don't have a US credit card or bank account or anything, the kindle is now set up so we can use it here in Australia. You don't need a 3G account, they handle that and pay for it. You only pay when you download a book.

    Last night I finished the book I'd been reading and without leaving my bed, I purchased a new book from the kindle store and started reading straight away, You've gotta love that!

    So far, I've had a very satisfying experience and would highly recommend the Kindle to anyone thinking of purchasing one.

    Hi Guys

    I was wondering if the kindle ships to NZ too now could not find this information. Are they saying Australia by which they mean " Aussie and NZ" or actual Australia. I want to get a kindle too. Would be awesome to sit in one place read and not even have to turn pages...

    Thankyou Kean, this was driving me insane to order till I happened upon this site to see your post. Very frustrating must say, amazon need to fix this as took me forever to finally be able to order and then it was free shipping despite amazon saying it was.

      opps! meant it wasn't free shipping despite amazon saying it was :oS ........ typeo from frustration ;o)

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