Amazon Kindle Now Shipping To Australia (And Worldwide)

KindleIf you've been hanging out for an ebook reader with the ability to actually purchase content for it, Amazon has just updated their Kindle to offer international wireless connection. That means you can buy it, have it shipped to Australia, and purchase books over 3G directly on the device. Woo-hoo!!

The device, which costs $US279, will ship on October 19, although Amazon is taking pre-orders now. There'll be a briefing later this month that I'll be attending which should give us a better insight into how the whole 3G/EDGE data connection will work, but for the time being, the Amazon website is saying that the mobile data will be free, although we won't have access to the experimental web browser and blogs. New York Times Bestsellers will also cost a couple of bucks extra, at $US11.99 (as opposed to $US9.99 for Americans).

But whatever. I don't care. I'm getting me one of these for Christmas!

[AmazonThanks Dom & Michael]

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