Altec Lansing Stage Gig Is A "Guitar Amp" For Guitar Hero "Guitarists"

And with this, a $US100, 40-watt speaker that looks exactly like a guitar amp but nonetheless isn't quite a guitar amp, the bizarre, alternate universe of rhythm gaming is complete.

First things first: you can't plug your guitar into this. It's not a guitar amp, and it doesn't have a 1/4-inch input, and the 6.5-inch speaker simply isn't designed for it. It does have stereo analogue inputs, meaning it'll hook right up to your game console, giving your rhythm game of choice a little more power, and a little more sound resolution.

At first glance the concept is patently ridiculous—the line between an amp and a fake amp is much thinner than between a guitar and a fake guitar, and you can buy an amp for this much—but rhythm games are essentially social, so having a portable "amp" to bring to parties isn't actually a terrible idea. [Altec Lansing]

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