Al Gore GPS Backpack Looks Like A C4 Bomb

Designed by artist Atelier Ted Noten, this backpack consists of a Tom Tom GPS unit embedded inside an acrylic slab. He intends to place it inside a slowly melting glacier in Switzerland — hence the title "Al Gore".

The bizarre commentary on global warming, the the fact that it looks like a bomb and that it is part of an exhibition called Laughing Prohibited! makes this quite an amusing peace of artwork. Naturally, the exhibit comes with one of those pretentious and absurd descriptions:

Laughing Prohibited! states this clearly: there is no reason to laugh at all. Is there any (artistic) freedom of speech left after the debates on the Danish cartoons and the AEL counter-cartoons? Should you laugh about the works of these producers, than you are not sincere. Is there the legacy of Theo van Gogh still fertile? We need to concentrate and to focus in order to ask these fundamental questions. To be able to do so, we need clarity and parameters. Therefore, as a start: do not laugh! Look closely and question: relate!

Oh, I believe my laughter is sincere. [onomatopee via Mocoloco]

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