7 Gadgets That Will Keep You Off Your Feet All Weekend

On your feet all week? Maybe you just want to spend the next couple of days sitting on your arse. If you had these seven gadgets, you wouldn't have to get up for anything.

If you are serious about staying off your feet on the weekends, you are going to need a serious home automation system. And they don't get much more serious than TrueImage Control from Savant. Unlike traditional systems, TrueImage simplifies your interface by allowing you to interact with actual photos of individual rooms instead of confusing menus:

Savant's TrueImage technology gives you fingertip control via a simple tap on a wide angle image of each room in your home. Each touch allows you to dim and turn on/off lights, lower or raise shades, even turn on/off your audio and video components. Instead of interacting with confusing icons, TrueImage allows you to simply touch the actual light or shade in that room. Not only does the light in the room turn on or dim (if you press and hold the represented light), but it also illuminates on the touch panel confirming your command.

[Savant via Gizmodo]

Wheelchairs are one thing, but nothing blends man, machine, lazy and nerdy, like The Hubo FX-1 chairbot. Hit the link to see it in action. [Gizmodo]

Maybe you are too lazy to get up, maybe you are too drunk, either way those beers aren't going to get themselves. Fortunately for you, it only takes a little effort with the control pad on the RC Cooler to transport ice cold beverages wherever they are needed. [Hammacher Schlemmer via Gizmodo]

Dogs are great, but instead of playing with them, maybe you want to spend the weekend sitting on your arse drinking beer out of a remote controlled cooler. This Automatic tennis ball fetch machine would allow you to do both. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

It's Sunday, the game is on, and you are far too comfortable to get up and go all the way to the bathroom. If you are not quite ready for an adult nappy, there are several handheld toilet designs on the market that would eliminate at least half of your problem. [Biorelief]

You're sitting down and seconds are all the way over there. A fork with a telescopic handle will help you get more food without getting up. [Prank Place]

Your mobile phone is ringing, but it's just out of reach. Neodymium magnets, some of the most powerful made today, could help you bridge the gap. Of course, your kitchen sink might come along with it. Oh, and it can also chop your fingers off (NSFW).

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