30 Rock's Emphatically Branded Windows Computer Is Confusing

On this week's 30 Rock, we found out Jack's (or Jack's designer's) choice of computer, and it's a weird one: It's a prop model of a computer that doesn't exist, yet it's forcefully branded with the Windows logo.

Warning: Clip is US-only. U-S-A! U-S-A!

At first glance I thought it was a black MacBook with a Windows logo pasted over the Apple, but that's not it — the case is too shiny and angular, looking more like a slick Lenovo or something. The thing is, a prop computer isn't weird at all, but usually they're just faceless slabs of grey or black. This one has a very prominent Windows logo, even though as far as I know there's never been a Windows computer like that (maybe you can buy them in the Windows store!). Product placement usually works better when the product being placed is, you know, something you can buy. Like on Top Chef: After watching that show, I always drive my Toyota™ Rav4™ to my local Whole Foods™ for supplies like Swanson's™ chicken broth, and after cooking in my GE™ Monogram™ kitchen with my Calphalon™ cookware, I make sure to safely store my leftovers using the Glad™ family of products. That's how you do product placement. [Hulu]

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