100-Core Tilera TILE-Gx Processors Planned For 2011

While Intel and AMD look to make a complete jump to 8-cores, Tilera (an MIT start-up) says its upcoming 100-core chip has "at least four times the compute performance of an Intel Nehalem-Ex, while burning a third of the power".

The 40-nanometre TILE-Gx will reportedly draw about 55 watts of power at full load, and though it's expected to cost between $US400 and $US1000 (depending on volume), it's more intended for use on Linux-based enterprise Web servers.

According to Wired, the chip isn't really geared for regular operating systems such as Windows 7 — for that, you'll have to wait for Intel's 80-core processor which was demonstrated last year and is expected in about five years. [Tilera via Wired]

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