10 Gadgets That Harness Fire In Your Home

Few things are more relaxing than sitting in front of a fire on a cold day. These 10 products will help you harness the awesome power of fire in your home.

The design of the Gyrofocus fireplace may be 40 years old, but it was still striking enough to be voted the "world's most beautiful object" at this year's Pulchra design competition. [Focus Creation via Gizmodo]

The Conmoto suitcase fireplace allows you to bring warmth and ambiance wherever you go (the casing is weather resistant so even the outdoors isn't off limits). Conmoto is fuelled by a small tank of bio-ethanol that burns for 2.5 to 3.5 hours. [Unica Home via Gizmodo]

A fire pit built into your coffee table gives city folk all of the benefits of a campfire without actually having to venture out into the wilderness. I'm thinking s'mores. [Opulent Items]

The Lumos is more than an outdoor fireplace, it's also a grill. Keep the chimney up and you have ambiance, flip it down and you have delicious meat cooking over charcoal. In other words, it warms you up inside and out. [Leenders via Gizmodo]

If NASA ever designed a portable fireplace (or a urinal), it might look something like the Piet. [Cavallius Design via Gizmodo]

The fireplace should be the focal point of the room, and the Skloib TV Drehturm allows you to stay true to that philosophy without compromising on the placement of your television. [Skloib via Gizmodo]

I have always wanted a woodfired pizza oven in my backyard, but not quite enough to commit the time and expense to building one myself. If you are willing, Forno Bravo has provided info on how to build an oven like the one pictured here. [Forno Bravo via Flickr via Gizmodo]

High pressure propane burners like this one are often associated with frying turkeys, but the truth is you can cook a lot of awesome stuff with it. I would suspect that a high percentage of people (like me) use these to homebrew 20-litre batches of all-grain beer. [Amazon]

These gigantic bear claw matches are as close as you will get to a guarantee on lighting a fire. The built-in kindling is a big plus, although the colourful, crayon-esque heads could be an invitation for your children to embark on an artistic disaster. [KM Match via Gizmodo]

The Wicked Torch is kind of like a cross between a flashlight, a lighter and a stove. At 4100 lumens, it is the brightest flashlight on the face of the earth according to Guinness. It's also hot enough to burn paper, light cigarettes and cook eggs.

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