You're No Invisible Pedestrian While Wearing This Headgear

The Black Diamond Sprinter is designed with the adventurous night runner in mind, but I can just as easily see this headgear transitioning into a lightweight spelunking role...and, yes, there it is — I think I just invented cave running.

However, as has been noted, this rechargeable $US80 gadget may have been designed with the best intentions in mind (i.e. protect you from becoming a bug on someone's windshield), but it looks a bit big and unwieldy for running. Perhaps the LED, which casts light a respectable 16 metres ahead, is more suited to the slightly more leisurely pace of the ambitious cave running circuit I'm currently selling incredibly hard right now?

In any event, it's due out in October. The headgear, I mean. [Black Diamond via BBG]

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