Windows 7: The Complete Guide

Windows 7: The Complete Guide

We’ve covered Windows 7 from rumour to golden master. Now—as we wait for its Oct. 22 arrival—it’s enchilada time: Here’s everything of value that we learned about Win 7, packed in a complete, easy-to-read guide.

Table of Contents


What It All Means: Windows 7 Review
So much anticipation has led up to the arrival of Windows 7, aka The Redeemer. But does it live up to the hype? Here we pass judgment, and then, because we like you, we give you a super-quick tour of its best features and tips.

Chapter 1

The Real Cost of Upgrading to Windows 7

Chapter 2

How To Use Windows 7, or Why The New UI Is So Great

Chapter 3

Device Stage Hardware Fun, Plus More Productivity Tips

Chapter 4

Windows Media Player and Media File Compatibility

Chapter 5

Couch Tricks: New Features for Windows Media Center

Chapter 6

Important Changes to Networking and Security

Chapter 7

Natural Interfaces: Pen, Touch and Multitouch
Windows 7 Touch Pack

Chapter 8

Got Troubles? Here’s How To Shoot ‘Em Down