Win! One Of 10 Pairs Of Panasonic HC55 Noise Cancelling Headphones

RP-HC55_imgIf you've ever flown on a plane, you know that it's not exactly a pleasant experience for your aural cavities. That's why you should never fly without a pair off noise cancelling headphones.

Panasonic and Giz are giving away 10 pairs of their HC55 noise cancelling headphones, worth $149 each. Considering they actively cancel 88 percent of the ambient noise, they will definitely make your next flight more enjoyable. Should you happen to win, of course...

To enter, simply click through to the original comp post here, then tell us in 25 words or less in the comments section: “What noise would you most want to cancel out?” Good luck!

[Panasonic HC55 comp on Giz] [T&Cs]

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