Why Won't Apple Let Me Use XSKN's Bluetooth iKeyboard?

I still can't believe Apple hasn't approved Bluetooth keyboard drivers for the iPhone, but that hasn't stopped user hacks, or products lining up to be ready. This latest effort modifies actual Apple Bluetooth keyboards, and adds app icons to the keys.

The F-keys have stencilled icons for the standard iPhone tasks (Mail, Safari, etc), and the keyboard letters have logos for some of the most popular iPhone apps. It actually doesn't look too bad, but there's no way to customise the icons. I've never used LinkedIn, so it would seem pointless blazoned all over my L key.

XSKN says that it's currently working with a US engineering firm that specialises in "Made for iPod" stamps. Of course, it's also waiting on that pending Bluetooth driver—as are rivals like the $US100 MacAlly BTKeyMini.

What's interesting though, is XSKN's hopes to sell the iKeyboard by the end of this year for $US160. Are they just being optimistic? (And I'm not just talking about that price). Do they know something we don't?

As a backgrounder: You may know XSKN for its iPhone case leaks (one of which was on the money, while others were definitely not). So make what you will of their ambitions.

Either way, what the hell Apple? There are a bunch of Bluetooth keyboards for other smartphones, and they can come in pretty handy for meetings and travelling. So why can't my Jesus phone do the same?

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