Viliv's S10 "Blade" Netbook Tablet Boasts 10 Hours Of Battery Life

Viliv, who's previously made the S5 and S7, seems to always have a bigger gadget on the horizon, and here at IDF they showed off the S10, a 10-inch convertible tablet running Windows 7. It's super-thin and looks really promising.

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The S10 has a 10-inch resistive, swivelling touchscreen (which means no multitouch, sorry guys) and a full QWERTY keyboard that's only marginally awkward to type on (better than average for 10-inchers, but not as good as the HP Mini). It's available in a few configurations, having either the 1.33GHz or the 2.0GHz Atom, 1GB of memory, either a 60GB HDD or 32GB SSD and the usual smattering of wireless protocols (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G). Interestingly, Viliv claims 10 hours of battery life (or seven for straight video) which is awfully impressive, especially seeing as how this is one thin netbook. We can't test it but we'll be sure to when it's released Stateside this November.

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