Vibrating Mascara Wand Can't Do You Or Your Makeup Well

The last place I've ever thought to stick a vibrating wand is in my eye. I like my vibrating razor, but this video tear down of motorised mascara makes me wonder why any lady would want to tickle her lashes.

The battery powered tiny motor inside Maybelline's $US15 Pulse Perfection supposedly delivers 7000 vibrations per minute which is way faster than anyone can actually apply mascara to one's eyelashes, but I'm told by my friends who have used it that you have very little control of the vibrator itself, it can be too rough on your lashes and comes out clumpy. I'd most likely poke myself in the eye and frankly if I am doing that I'd rather it be while putting on Terminator Vision contact lenses. [NotCot via Make]

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