UMID M2 Gets Faster, Cheaper: Windows 7, 1GB RAM For $US500

Intel's Developers Conference kicks off today, and UMID is showing off its upgrade to the M1 ultra mobile PC. The M2 has the same keyboard and 4.8-inch (1024x600) screen, but will use faster 1.2Ghz or 1.6GHz Atom processors.

And while the M1 costs $US600 with a 1.33Mhz processor 512MB memory, the upcoming M2 is expected to be $US400 when it arrives around November.

UMID has also updated the case design to improve the screen angle, add an optical mouse and mouse buttons, and switched to USB ports that don't require dongles.

A non-working prototype is felt up in the video below, but we should see the M2 running Windows 7 at IDF later this week. We'll let you know if it's up the task. [Pocketables and JKKMobile]

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