Toshiba Satellite T100 Series: $US450 Buys Better Than A Netbook

Toshiba's Satellite T100 notebooks aren't netbooks, but they have the prices and battery life to match the small laptops. The $US450 11.6-inch T115 and $US600 13.3-inch T135 are thin, oh so light, and pack a decent amount of power.

Both systems weigh less than 1.8kg and are under an inch thin. They are surrounded by an array of ports that include HDMI out (since both can handle 1080p video). Packed with Windows 7 Home Premium and powered by Intel's ULV processors they have more oomph than any netbook with Intel's Atom inside. The ULV processors also promise extra long battery life — the T115 is rated for nine hours and the T135 for 7.5.

LAPTOP Magazine got its hands on the T135 and found the $US700 configuration to be pretty fast for its class and reports that it got seven hours of runtime. Not too bad for a notebook under the $US800 mark. I'm interested in how the $US450 T115 runs, but those lusting for a notebook for better ergonomics and faster performance than a netbook now have at least two more picks. You have to wait a bit more time for the T115 and the T135; they will be on sale on Windows 7's October 22 launch. [Toshiba, Laptop Magazine]

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