This Wireless Subwoofer Is Too Nice For Humanity

High-end subwoofers? Very common. Wireless subwoofers. They're around. High-end wireless subwoofers? Rare. Rare like leprechauns riding unicorns.

The KEF HTB2SE-W wireless sub combines two well-reviewed products (a KEF subwoofer and their 2.4GHz wireless transmission system) into one very expensive-looking (and costing) package.

Indeed, the sub actually includes dual 10-inch woofers (one is passive to enhance ambient bass) that can be configured to either sit on the floor or stand vertically — kinda like Sony has promoted with the PlayStation brand. But while the subwoofer doesn't need a line run to the receiver, it still needs power, of course.

The HTB2SE-W ships next month for $US1200. And on a completely unrelated note, there's gotta be some charity out there that needs $US1200 more than you need a fancy wireless subwoofer. [The Audiophiliac]

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