This Is What $US1,100,000 In Audio Equipment Looks Like

Wowza. Ivan Messer brings a new meaning to audiophile as he already spent five years tweaking and tuning his equipment to perfection. His $US1.1 million in Richard Gray and McIntosh audio equipment that is.

I doubt that the picture can even convey just how much equipment, time, love and care the guy has put into things:

The current breakdown on his room has about $US800,000 worth of McIntosh gear, which is predominantly source components, amplifiers and speakers. Then, there's about $US125,000 on the video side. The rest is cosmetic-decorating, seating and woodwork. Then, he has maybe another $US80,000 in just software, which includes 6,000 Blu-ray movies, CDs and DVDs.

The sad part though? "Ivan doesn't crank this system to 11-unless it's for a demo." Seems like a shame with a system like that. I could definitely think of songs to blast on it. [Electronic House via Boing Boing]

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