The Revomaze Puzzle Dares You To Put $US120 On The Line

Think you are good at puzzles? Are you willing to put up $US120 for a shot at the impossibly difficult Revomaze?

Granted, this thing is milled from a solid block of metal and "precisely engineered for smooth mechanical manipulation", so it should be well made. But $US120? That's a little too much for me to be spending on something I will get frustrated with inside 30 minutes and never pick up again. However, if you are up to the challenge, the Revomaze comes in three separate versions based on difficulty and requires users to navigate "an internal labyrinth full of dead ends, traps, and one way paths" in order to remove the metal core and solve the puzzle.

If you succeed, a code will be imprinted on the core that you can register on the manufacturer's website. Winners that appear on the leaderboard will be invited to participate in a live competition with thousands of dollars in prizes at stake. Yeah, good luck with that. [ThinkGeek via The Automata Blog via BBG]

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