The New iPod Nano Shoots Video, Plays Radio

As well-documented by the "word on the street", the fifth generation iPod nano is also a video camera...and radio and a pedometer and a voice recorder too...and it's available today.


• Video camera (640x480) • NO STILL CAMERA • Integrated mic • Integrated speaker • FM Radio!!!!! That you can pause!! And iTunes tag! • One-click YouTube uploads (through your computer) • Voice Over like Shuffle • Pedometer with Nike+ syncing online • Voice Recorder • 2.2-inch screen that's .2 inches larger than last model

Starting today, the 8GB nano will cost AU$199 while the 16GB comes in at AU$249. (So why buy the 8?) What's the biggest surprise here? The camera we knew about. But the radio? The video support? The total lack of still camera support? I do have to admit, however, if it's this or a Flip, the nano is certainly more tempting.

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