Thanko’s USB Action Camera Captures Every Wrong Move

Thanko’s USB Action Camera Captures Every Wrong Move

If you get a kick out of watching yourself on camera, here’s a new toy for you. With Thanko’s USB Action Camera you can record jerky footage of yourself in first person and hands free.

For around $125, you get a portable action cam that weighs just 80g and shoots digital videos in 640 x 480 VGA at 30 frames per second. It’s designed to mount onto just about anything—helmets, bikes, cars—making it ideal for capturing those priceless moments in sport, like that time you overshot the ball and stacked it in front of all your mates. It comes with a paltry 32MB of internal memory, but you can expand that to 2GB with a MicroSD card.

With a portable action camera like this, you’re only limited by your imagination. Just don’t try to swim with it on, cause it ain’t waterproof. It’s not a camera for everyone, but if you’re accident prone, it’s definitely a camera for you. [Geek Stuff 4 U]


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