Survey: Consumers Won't Pay More Than $US99 For An eReader

According to a survey of 4706 consumers conducted by Forrester Research, the vast majority of consumers are only willing to pay $US50-$US99 for an eReader. Obviously, this doesn't jive with retailer price points currently set at $US199 and up.

Make that 4707 consumers. I have no intention of even considering an eReader until prices drop under $US100. I still enjoy reading actual, paper books and I can buy them for next to nothing at a used bookstore or get them free at the library. Plus having a collection of them throughout my home looks good (and it makes me feel smart). eReaders don't have the same appeal as MP3 players—so they sure as hell shouldn't cost me more to buy. But what about you? How low do eReader prices need to be before you would consider buying one? [Forrester]

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