SureFire's LX2 Is The First 200 Lumens LED Flashlight

The LX2 produces 200 lumens of light, about 10 times that of ordinary D-cell flashlights, and is the first commercially available LED flashlight to do so. Long-lasting, bright, and as a bonus, the press release for it is almost arousing.

I understand that it's tough to talk about a phallic-shaped gadget and avoid any sensual talk, but the creators of the LX2 do it in such a classy way:

SureFire engineers redesigned the L2 from the ground up to create the new LX2. They first shaved three quarters of an inch from the L2's overall length to give the LX2 a more compact 5.4-inch body. Next, the L2's rough-knurled body was replaced by a smooth body with flutes CNC-machined into it for a smooth yet functional grip that won't wear down clothing. Like the L2, the body is coated in Mil-Spec Type III hard anodizing, and an optically coated Borofloat® window maximizes light transmission while protecting the LED. Finally, SureFire's proprietary reversible pocket clip was added for convenient carry-bezel up or down or even clipped to the bill of a cap.

OK, so maybe I'm the only one finding that to sound on the level of pillow talk. All things aside, it's a solid gadget: Far more powerful than previous LED flashlights (even those that turn night into day), and it's great to see that so much care is put into the design of a high-powered light. [SureFire]

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