Step Aside, Cliq: This Is Motorola's Newest Phone

Motorola couldn't have made it more clear that the MC9500 isn't meant for me—I don't work in a warehouse, manage large inventories or deliver stuff for a living—but man oh man would I carry one of these.

Seriously, think about it: The MC9500 has all the hardware you need, with a 3.5G cellular radio, a 3.7-inch VGA touchscreen, and 806MHz Marvell processor, GPS, Wi-Fi, a 3.2MP camera, stereo Bluetooth and even an accelerometer. You can even swap out the keypad with another configuration, or a lump of lead, probably, to maximise the kinetic force when you inevitably use this thing as a bludgeon. Windows Mobile 6.1 is something you don't have a choice but to put up with in this sector, but that's beside the point, really. Look at it!

It's beautiful. I want to take it through airport security. I want to talk on it on the bus. I want to put it on my belt and try to go to a nice restaurant. I want to crush ice with it. I want to club seals with it. I, I, I, want it. Which sucks, because it starts at $US2500. Oh well. [Motorola via V3]

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