Sprint Retracts $US100 Palm Pre Deal After Six Hours

Here's how this went: A blogger found two explicit references on Sprint's website to a deal that gave new Sprint subscribers a Pre for $US100. A few hours later, after an almost certainly hilarious "internal review", they cancelled it.

It's not especially strange for a company to renege on an unannounced offer or a minor typo, but that's not quite what this was. It was an offer couched in specific written language, and that had full, publicly-available information pages. In other words, it had been fully devised—this wasn't a data input mistake.

That said, the fact that it only applied to new subscribers would've caused a PR problem for Sprint, who would be effectively penalising their most loyal (read: preexisting) customers with the offer. And the two listed end dates did seem to indicate that maybe it wasn't fully baked, or ready for prime time. Since the deal was listed on their website, Sprint says they'll honour the service rebate to anyone who signed up for a contract in the last few hours, but after that, it's closed. [AllThingsD]

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