Sprint Instinct HD Impressions: Decent 720p Video Doesn't Save It

The Instinct software feels pretty damn dated now, and the Instinct HD doesn't make it feel any fresher. But, the hardware is a deadly serious upgrade: It can shoot 720p HD video and 5MP photos, plus it finally has Wi-Fi.

AU: This phone is not available in Australia. -EH

It's also got Opera MIni 9.7 off the bat, a capable, though not phenomenal browser, along with (crappy) apps for Facebook and Twitter, besides the usual Sprint stock: Navigation, Live TV, etc. Overall, the experience feels clunky and, far too often, frustratingly laggy.

Why anyone would buy this $US250 (or $US200 at Best Buy) faux-smartphone over the much cheaper, more elegant and just plain better Palm Pre or HTC Hero—which are real and excellent smartphones on Sprint—I don't know. The welcome addition 720p video isn't worth it, even if it is pretty decent vs. the Flip Ultra HD:


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