Sony's High-Res Image Enlargement Engine Gives Infinite Zoom

Imagine Google Maps for individual images. Or Gigapan, without loading delays. Or Silverlight Deep Zoom, for Sony products, with video. Or, or, or...just watch Sony's High-Res Enlargement Engine on video, because a moving picture's worth a million words, roughly.

This pan'n'zoom effect, which gives Playstation products an easy, seamless way to navigate mindbendingly huge images, is part of a new library that'll be seeding out to developers before too long, though it's not clear exactly what for. It's a novel way to navigate a brochure, or a massive, stitched panorama, or even a comic-strip-type storyboard, and the addition zoom-triggered video content gives it a discernible advantage over similar technologies we've seen before, but how exactly could you incorporate this into a game?

At any rate, I hope someone figures out the answer, because this is kind of amazing: Every time the dude in this video dives down by another 10 zoom factors, I literally feel like I'm falling. [Diginfo via Engadget]

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