Sony Adds S640, S740 Walkmans, Promises Long Battery Life

Yesterday we argued that the old-school PMP might be dead, but Sony sure doesn't think so. It's just updated its S-series with two two-inch LCD Walkmans that include the new 720x480 TV-out and noise-cancelling features built into the upcoming A-Series.

Apart from being coloured differently, the NW-S640 (top left) and the NW-S740 (top right) are pretty much identical, though the S640 lacks noise cancelling.

The players have an FM radio, usual codec support and an eye-opening stated battery life of 42 hours for music and 10 hours for video. They also come with premium MDR-EX300SL earphones, and a matching speaker bundle will be available when they arrive in Japan in October.

The S740 series will be: 8GB (Y16,000; AU$203), 16GB (Y19,000; AU$241), and 32GB (Y25,000; AU$317). The slightly cheaper S640 series is: 8GB (Y14,000; AU$178), and 16GB (Y17,000; AU$216). [Sony Insider]

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