TheyFit Condoms Require You To Measure Your Naughty Bits

Fact: The FDA doesn't allow very large or very small condoms. Magnum XLs are only sightly bigger than normal. In Europe, however, they are soon going to get them in 70 different sizes. Are you a J33 or a Z21?

Click here to download the fit kit in PDF format

Believe it or not, using a condom that is not suited for your penis increases the possibilities of breakage and slippage, which in turn increases the possibility of sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancies. Even while they know this—as have been discovered in various studies—the FDA doesn't allow for condoms that are longer, shorter, thinner or thicker than the average. That's bad—not to mention effing annoying.

In Europe, however, men will be able to print out this measuring tool, and order exactly the size they need. Maybe someone will bring these condoms to Australia. For now, however, all you can do is print and play.

And yes, I measured it. [Theyfit—Thanks Debby]

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