Six Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier At Airports

Much to my dismay, I'll be spending a lot of time in airports this weekend — so I've dug up some products that might make life a little easier on the layover.

It seems like economy seats on aeroplanes are made for Hobbits. If only I was riding first class on a Swiss International flight. The new cabins on their A330 fleet make it seem like you are sitting in a cafe or restaurant. [Link]

Needless to say, bringing gadgets on planes is a pain in the arse these days. Airport "checkpoint friendly" bags make it easier for security to check the contents of your bag which, in turn, helps you zip through faster. [Mobile Edge via Link]

Want a new iPod or digital camera for your trip? Gadget vending machines like this one can help you pass the time at airports. Maybe you want to use this opportunity to diversify your portfolio and invest in gold? No problem — there are airport vending machines for that too.

I have trouble sleeping on aeroplanes (see earlier reference to aeroplane Hobbit seats) and I don't mind looking like an idiot for a few hours if it means getting a little extra rest. Enter the Nap Cap. It keeps your head from swaying side to side during the flight, making conditions more comfortable for sleeping. Of course, you will probably end up leaning forward, mouth wide open, drooling in your lap. [Vacation Gadgets via Link]

Several major airports have begun using mobile phone boarding passes to help save passengers time. Unfortunately, my airport isn't one of them. [Link]

Even if you can't have fancy seats like the ones featured earlier on this list, you can still spice things up with these PlaneSheets slipcovers. Choose from options like "Leopard" and "Camo". Oh yes, you may be in coach but your style is first class all the way. Plus, the slipcovers help separate you from any germs and other nastiness that might be lurking on your seat. [PlaneSheets]

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