Sharp Develops Laser Capable Of Burning 100GB Blu-Ray Discs

Sharp has announced that they’ve been working on a laser which would “allow a drive to read twice as deep as current dual-layer Blu-ray drives” and “let it write at 8X speed on all four layers.” Wowza. What this means is that we might be seeing triple-layer and quad-layer Blu-ray discs with capacities of up to 100GB in the future.

Just how long will we have to wait? There’s no information on that, but we do know that Sharp is going through some testing of the devices:

Sharp has already verified the reliability of the new blue-violet semiconductor laser. It confirmed that the laser operated for more than 1,000 hours under the temperature of 80°C with a pulse width of 30ns and an output of 500mW.

Sounds safe enough to me, but sadly that stage is nowhere near actual products shipping. Let’s hope they hurry up. [TechOn via electronista]