Samsung Pushes Mobile Devices Forward With Processors, Cameras

Samsung introduced a mess of new components for mobile devices that we're likely to start seeing in early 2010, including a 5MP camera capable of taking 1080p video and a couple powerful yet efficient chipsets.

There's a ton of stuff here, some of it quite similar, but it's pretty certain these will be popped into smartphones and other mobile devices come next year. The most interesting to me is that "5 megapixel CMOS system on a chip camera, which can process 1080p at 30 fps", which could make for a pretty badass lens in a smartphone — I don't think we've ever seen video recording that sharp. But they've also got a slew of ARM processors and a few low-power 1GHz chipsets called OneDRAM, along with a lot of other internals that may not be flashy but will doubtless be powering our mobile gadgets. [Engadget]

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