Rumour: New Plastic MacBooks Arriving With Refreshed iMacs?

Since unibody MacBooks went Pro, Apple's only had one polycarbonate model — a $US999 13-incher. But Apple Insider now says the rumored "thinner, sleeker" plastic Macbooks have made it to manufacturing, and may arrive with possible new iMacs by mid-October.

Last month, an Apple Insider source said the MacBook update would also include a "restructured internal architecture". It's now believed that could include Apple's latest internal battery technology.

Definitely a lot of maybes there, so don't get too carried away. With that in mind, though, refreshed low(er)-cost MacBooks and iMacs would make sense going into end of year shopping season. And with it all supposed to go down any time between this week and mid-October, it might be worth waiting if you're in the market for one...just in case. [Apple Insider]

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