Remainders — Things We Didn't Post

Cute kids, retail IPOs, lousy "programming languages" and a brand for a-holes take up today's Remainders.

Kylie has another ad! We've covered her twice already, with the latest being a tribute to ourselves, so I think that's enough. She's still cute though. [YouTube]

This is funny, but not quite gadgety. It really does illustrate how bad Javascript is. [Imgur via Digg]

Newegg just IPO'ed for $US175 million. It being one of our top three online merchants for gadgets brought it to our attention, but unless you're looking for a new investment, you probably don't care. [WSJ]

Ed Hardy now has mice, mousepads and laptop skins. We already covered their USB drives, and one Ed Hardy mention is enough for a year. [Pocket Lint]

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