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Porn Stars Appear in the App Store...Umberto Eco Traces the Death of Handwriting to the Ballpoint Pen...$300 Sony PS3 Selling Faster — While Supplies Last...US Suddenly Leading Global Mobile Data Boom?

Porn stars Sunny Leone and Aria Giovanni just got full Apple approval to distribute free apps via iTunes, mostly by promising not to show any naughty bits. There are pics, videos and some kind of blog, but it's apparently all strictly PG-13. (Insert joke about something to do with your left hand while your right... oh nevermind.) [PC World; iTunes link]

You might think that thumb typing idiotic phrases like "U R 6Y" was what destroyed handwriting for all times, but the great writer/philosopher Umberto Eco—in a lamentation of the lost calligraphic arts—says it was the ballpoint pen: "Handwriting, when produced with a ballpoint, even a clean one, no longer had soul, style or personality." If you say so, Profesore. [Guardian UK]

Sony Computer Entertainment of America boss Jack Tretton told Reuters that the $US100 PS3 price cut about a month back has been good for sales. "I couldn't be more optimistic about our fortunes for the rest of the year and for the future," he said, but added, "If things continue at this pace, it is conceivable that there will be product shortages." Hey, it worked for Nintendo—and may work again. [Yahoo/Reuters]

You know all those jokes about how American broadband and cellular infrastructure sucks compared to Europe, Japan and Korea? Well, apparently things are changing, at least in the area of mobile data. It's no surprise that America is leading in mobile-data growth, since they had so damn far to go, but it's a little funnier that Verizon (you know, the carrier with no iPhone, or any cool phone to speak of) is #2 worldwide in mobile data revenues. I know their monthly fees are high, but that's pretty friggin' impressive. You can see the rest in the chart above. Sure it's nice, but there's something fishy about the scarcity of Euro companies on this particular data-revenue-oriented list. [GigaOm]

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