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1000 Bees Lift a Laptop Into the Air...Comic Book For Sale on iTunes...Brad Pitt Sighted In Regular Reality Thanks To Augmented Reality...Extra Confusing: Meizu M8 iPhone Clone Gets Android OS...

Dudes (who use the word "dude" about 100 times too many) slather a laptop with glue, and stick it into a bee hive, where the bees hop on then proceed to lift up the laptop. Real? Hard to believe. Somebody musta found out how to make cool visual effects with their laptop. (Presumably another laptop, one not covered in glue and bees.) It can't be real, though they claim it's no BS. (Chen thinks that means "no bee stings.") Weirder still, they say "no bees were harmed during the making of this film." OK, so when were they forceably scraped off the gluey laptop? After the making of the film? We don't buy a shred of this, but it was entertaining.

Mayhem, a comic book by actor/singer/comic book artist Tyrese Gibson, appeared as the "first digital book" in Apple's iTunes LP format—accompanied by a single audio track. This prompted at least one news-hungry blogger to proclaim it "an early sign of Apple's desire to take on Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader in the digital book market". I would have thought the early sign was 40,000 leaks about a tablet, but I'm crazy like that. The tip off that this might not be news was the reporter's own admission that "I would have missed the significance of Mayhem on iTunes if I hadn't run into Gibson himself". [Fortune; iTunes Link to Mayhem]

Some creepy German guy walks his viewers through the benefits of the Samsung Galaxy, a big one being the augmented reality: Point the camera at buildings, and you get metadata. He points the camera at one building in particular, and spots none other than Brad Pitt, looking clean shorn a la Fight Club, sneering and then wandering up the stairs to smoke a cigarette. I don't know if this is real—I highly doubt it—but the message is clear: If you're going to wander around, peeping into the homes of complete strangers, you will get a lot further by waving a phone around and speaking German. [Beste Product]

So, how is this for confusing? A Chinese phone that looks pretty much exactly like an iPhone has now been spotted running Android, as previously speculated. I don't think I care enough to laugh or cry, but it does make me scratch my head. [Engadget]

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