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Nokia Mural: For People Who Wish It Was Still 2005...Apple TV Once Again Forgotten By Apple...UK Says Samsung's "LED TV" Is Misleading...Ben Heck Goes to Bat—er Xbox Controller—for the Lefties...

Nokia showed off a bunch of stuff you did read about on Giz today, and a few things you didn't. Well, not yet. Take the Nokia Mural, for instance, coming soon to AT&T. It is so cutting edge, it automagically camouflages itself as a 4-year-old Korean handset. Your friends will be totally surprised when they discover that your cheap ($US50 after contract and rebate) piece of crap is actually from Nokia. Or is it? Sometimes these things just bear the Nokia brand, but are really designed and built by a contractor—here's hoping that's the case. [Boy Genius Report]

Oh the joy Apple TV owners must feel, having been stupid enough to pay good money for that here-let-me-tie-your-hands-behind-your-back-so-you-can-enjoy-your-media box in the first place, and having to endure month after agonising month without a significant feature upgrade. (The only upgrade I can remember was the one that gimped Boxee.) Anyway, more bad news: That rumoured Apple TV upgrade this September? Not gonna happen. Sorry. Also, Mr Jobs told me to tell you, "F you, F you and F you." [The Loop]

I have been bothered by Samsung's ads (some which have appeared on this very site) proclaiming the arrival of LED TVs. To me, an LED TV would be a TV where the red, green and blue that a pixel uses to make colour are made of actual tiny diodes, clustered together forming a massive tight array. As any avid Giz reader knows, Samsung's LED TV is actually an LCD TV with LED backlighting. Apparently, this lack of distinction isn't sitting well with British advertising regulators who deem it to breach their requirement that advertising be "legal, decent, honest and truthful". [DisplaySearchBlog]

Who cares about southpaws? Ben Heck, that's who! The famous gaming hardware modder took time off from making Atari tablets, Xbox laptops and a movie about a giant killer opossum (say what now?) to reverse the buttons on an Xbox controller, just for you. Specifically, you lefties who have not already overcome your natural instincts and learned to frag the shit out of righties using their controller. You're welcome...? [UberGizmo]

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