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Oh My God, They Took Our Gmail!...Actual-Size Gundam To Face Actual-Size Typhoons...A Mouse Trap For Depressed Mice Who See Death as an Inevitability So Why Fight It?

We all felt that disturbance in the Force today when Gmail, stalwart keeper of all our secrets and lies, somehow managed to shut itself off for 11 hours. Or at least what felt like 11 hours but was really like two at most. Google doesn't know what happened, and people with IMAP and POP connections—like Mr Always Be Prepared Jason Chen—were fine. It's back, all is well but still, it scared you, didn't it? [Google via NYT]

CrunchGear's reporter in Tokyo says that the huge-ass Gundam that's been up for months was scheduled for a disassembly that was postponed—get this—because typhoons are coming. So I am thinking, wouldn't you hurry up and yank down your monster Gundam before typhoons arrive? Or is this Bandai's way of saying, "It's really the typhoons who should be afraid." We'll let you know if there's any real typhoon vs. Gundam action. [CrunchGear]

I can't tell if artist Sarah Dery's coffin-shaped disposable cardboard mousetrap is ironic or fitting, funny or sad, a sneaky ploy or a dead giveaway. What's for sure is that if a mouse were aware of the fact that it was indeed a coffin, it wouldn't work except on those miserable wretches who probably would have jumped from the top of the fridge and right into the cat's bowl moaning "Goodbye cruel world!" anyway. []

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