Raw. Power. Aurora ALX Benchmarked

Raw. Power. Aurora ALX Benchmarked
ScreeniealienGamers, could you handle this? An Aurora ALX with a Core i7 975 processor, X58 microATX motherboard and two ATI Radeon HD 5870’s in CrossFire. Is it fast? Pfft. Whaddyareckon?

Over at Hot Hardware, the reviewers of this Alienware dream machine are pretty clear about it.

It’s easy to see from the graphs that the parts used in this system are high-performance in every way. If money is no object, you can’t buy a faster platform than the Intel Core i7 975 with an X58 chipset motherboard.

And here’s one of those graphs.

Basically, we’re talking about the meanest gaming rig on the market. Or at least, that’s how Hot Hardware sees it, and there’s not much room for debating their findings. But it’ll cost you plenty. $US4074.

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