Rail-Thin Sony Vaio X Series Video and Details

Sony wowed us this morning with its Vaio X Series, but details are now emerging. According to this video, the .55-inch thin system may be more netbook than notebook. It has an 11.2-inch screen and possibly an Atom CPU.

The guys at NetbookNews say there is talk of it having an Intel Atom processor rather than a Intel ULV processor. Either way, Sony has been touting crazy battery life (even though the battery doesn't seem to be replaceable) in the 0.68kg laptop.

Now it would be typical of Sony to jack up the price on this baby, but I am thinking it might not be as high as some think. Don't forget Sony was saying a few months ago it wants to enter the low cost ultraportable space. Either way, our sources tell us this sweet lappie will launch sometime in October with Windows 7. [Netbook News]

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