QOTD: Do You Watch Sport In HD?

There were quite a few noisy complaints when Channel 10 announced that their HD channel would be rebranded ‘One’ and feature 24 hours of non-stop sports coverage, especially from sci-fi geeks. But there is one certainty for sports-watching fans — HD is the best way to watch it by far.

But just because it’s better doesn’t mean people are doing it. Even though Foxtel’s SD channels are sub SD quality a lot of the time, I don’t spring for Fox Sports HD just so I can watch the Wallabies lose in HD. Our question today: Do you watch your sport in HD? Do you watch sport in HD?(survey)

Playing with balls is Gizmodo AU’s week-long look at the technology behind the sports we love, from the jerseys to the balls and everything in between. Go the Socceroos!

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