Prof. Dealzmodo's Smart Gadget Shopping 101

If you're a student contemplating new gadgets for next semester, I strongly suggest that you read over the following material. It could save you a lot of money one day.

Why You Should Buy a Refurbished Laptop: Just because a laptop isn't brand new doesn't mean its worthless. Refurbished laptops are a great way to get all the hardware you need on a budget.

Why You Should Stop Buying Your Laptops Fully Loaded: Don't be tricked into buying a computer fully loaded from the manufacturer. Doing the upgrades yourself can offer lots of value.

Why You Don't Need Fancy Gym Gadgets and Memberships: Getting in kick arse shape doesn't require expensive gym memberships and equipment.

Screw the Recession: How To Spend Less and Get More: Saving money doesn't always mean making big sacrifices. These tips can help you streamline your tech spending at home.

Green Tech Upgrades That Boost Home Values and Reduce Bills: Investing in these tech upgrades for your home can actually be profitable in the long run.

Why You Can't Complain About The Price Of Today's Gadgets: Let's put things in perspective here. You actually have it pretty good these days when it comes to the price of gadgets.

• The Real Cost of Upgrading to Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Before you make the jump to a new OS, make sure you are buying smart.

Unlike that philosophy class you're taking, Smart Gadget Shopping 101 is actually useful in your everyday life. So be prepared—we don't scale your marks here.

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