PowerCurl Tidys Up Mac MagSafe Wires, Cures Cord OCD

Seriously, one of my biggest pet peeves is disorganised wires so this PowerCurl clip-on cord wrap for Macbook chargers does more than get me a little excited. It wraps both cords (plug end and MagSafe end) around the orange gadget.

The thing was designed by the Quirky.com community and the team of designers will share the profits—which can't be much since the plastic object of awesomeness is only $US7.25. I'm sure the payoff for those talented product influencers is the warming of their hearts when they know they are keeping the laptop bags of many more organised. For this, I thank you people of Quirky.

But I stray, the PowerCurl also keeps the charging brick from getting hot since it elevates the adaptor off the ground for better air circulation. This thing makes me want an orange mocha frappuccino. Oh and a new Macbook Pro. [Quirky]

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