Power Loader Exoskeleton Suit Gives Superhuman Strength

The Power Loader "dual-arm power amplification robot" uses 18 electromagnetic motors that let the wearer lift 100kg without blinking. It gets its name from the exoskeleton from Aliens (get away from her you bitch!), and even has force-feedback.

It's being developed by a Panasonic subsidiary called ActiveLink, who say they don't expect to see it being used for things like disaster relief efforts until around 2015. At the moment it has an aluminium-allow frame weighing around 227kg, so hopefully they can shrink it down a bit. Very cool, though. Check out the vid: [Mainichi (translated) via PinkTentacle]


    Hasn't the american military come up with something much smaller and easier to run around with? The exoskeleton or something.

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