Postal Worker Steals 3200 Netflix DVDs, Faces Five Years In Prison

Unsolicited advice: If you insist on robbing people, do so quickly. Grab everything in sight and sprint to Mexico. Because when you gradually steal $US36,471 of Netflix DVDs from your day job, someone will eventually notice.

Myles Weathers, a (former) postal sorting facility employee from Springfield, Massachusetts, was busted removing DVDs from Netflix envelopes and placing them in his backpack. That's a little dumb. What's really dumb is that Weathers was caught on camera following a Netflix investigation as to why all these people in the area were calling in their DVDs as MIA.

Weathers pleaded guilty to the theft of 3012 DVDs (now recovered) valued at $US36,471, and he may get up to five years in prison when he's sentenced this December. Then again, it could be worse. [The Smoking Gun via CrunchGear and image]

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