Police Taser Legless Man In Wheelchair

Internal Affairs are investigating witness reports that Merced police twice Tasered a 40 year-old double-amputee because he had a "big mouth". Initial charges against him were dropped, so how much resistance could he have put up? Talk about overkill.

The dispute was over Child Protective Services taking his daughter, and it wasn't until she was grabbed from him that witnesses say police jammed the Taser in his ribs. He fell out of the wheelchair, and in the scuffle, his pants fell down. After being handcuffed, he was left exposed to the public for about 10 minutes. From all reports, there looks to be no suggestion of anything inappropriate going on with his daughter, so the hope is that the incident wasn't racially motivated.

But my question is this: Can police just Taser anyone they don't like now? The mounting police-brutality stories in our Taser archive suggest so. And that just sucks. [Merced Sun-Star via Daily Kos]

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