Philips Get You Off With HF8400 Dual Sensual Massagers

Philips isn't pussyfooting around at IFA with their HF8400 Dual "Sensual Massagers." Nay, their booth at the show was a bed, a cute model, and the massage devices. Your imagination is now free to in fill the blanks.

But this is a dual massager we're talking about here, so there's a specially contoured man unit too. Both units store in a handy carrying case, although said case's lack of an automated cleaning solution—or at the very least some free Purell samples—is disconcerting, to say the least.

Weird aside on my part: Are those bondage straps next to the Philips model in that picture or what?

Another aside: Attend IFA next year. [Philips via CrunchGear]

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