Panasonic Adds 58 And 65-inch To Beautiful V10 NeoPDP Plasmas

Amongst lots of chatter about 3DHD tech we've already seen, Panasonic has turned out two larger V10 NeoPDP models at the IFA electronic fair in Berlin. Specs follow the existing 42-50-inch models: 1080p, 600Hz sub-field drive and VIERA CAST web-content.

The new 58- (TX-P58V10E) and 65-inch (TX-P65V10E) Plasmas also boast THX certification, and a dynamic contrast ratio of over 2,000,000:1 (really?).

The TC-P58V10 is $US2700; the TC-P65V10 is $US4000. [Panasonic | UK Product Page]

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